Enrollment & Event Coordinator

September 2016 - Present

Delmarva Christian Schools

Milton, Delaware


  • Development, instruction, and evaluation of a public speaking and communications course.

  • Management of public relations through the delivery of engaging and informative campus tours and strategic follow-up communication.

  • Function as a brand ambassador when interacting with stakeholders and community members.

  • Lead pre-event meetings with team members to discuss preparation, budget, timeline, and event overview to identify and mitigate anticipated issues.

  • Manage post-event objective, strategy, and execution evaluation.

  • Development of innovative recruitment strategies for new students generating a twenty percent increase in Milton campus enrollment within a two-year timeframe.

  • Conduct interviews with prospective students and determine enrollment eligibility.

  • Provide student and family advocacy regarding educational needs and issue mitigation.

  • Organization and coordination of students’ community service projects as dictated by fundraising objectives.

  • Photography and videography support during classroom activities and special events to provide dynamic content for Facebook, Instagram, and stakeholder communications.

  • Creation of employee engagement and relationship development opportunities.

Appraisal Highlights





Unrelenting energy and joy clothed in professionalism

  • Alison has a natural exuberance, joy and confidence coupled with an ever-present professionalism. This is remarkably unique. Exuberance and unrelenting joy without professionalism is exhausting and unproductive. Ever-present professionalism without true joy is off-putting and destructive to relationships. The uniqueness of this trait in Alison - to be able to balance both elements so beautifully - is rare and a real blessing to DCMC.

  • Bottom line: Alison is someone people love to work with.

Courageous in change, not changing for the sake of self-importance

  • Alison has an ability to see gaps in an event or activity and fill the needs that are truly there, without creating “needs” for the sake of being involved. Like the comment above, this is a unique trait: being ego-less. And in plain words, it means we function better, look better, work happier, and exude more joy in the presence of stressors because Alison does not need the “win” for the sake of her own sense of “self”.

  • Alison bravely forged ahead with the Spring Production Showcase even in the face of pressure not to make the significant changes she planned. The domino of positive impact this had (and will have) on events is still reverberating.

Excellence in relationship management

  • Alison has added a critical component to campus life which is relationship management / purposeful improvement of relationships. Simply stated, Alison seeks to encourage a healthy staff-to-staff environment (again, being ego-less is a key - perhaps “the key” - component to this) while exuding joy, professionalism, poise and confidence.  Alison is also mindful of the needs of fellow staff such that she protects them when the busy-ness of campus can become overwhelming. Not to put too fine a point on it: DCMC is happier and healthier due to Alison’s direct impact on campus.






  • Alison’s dedication to personal excellence in the understanding of Organizational Leadership continues to impact the life of the Milton campus. Her peers recognize wisdom and discernment borne of past experience coupled with continuing education; and the response has been (thankfully and at a critical time in our growth) to draw even more of the day-to-day running of campus from the desk and shoulders of co-administration. Students, parents and peers trust her instincts and decisions and respond to her confidence and ‘forward leaning’ stance as she (naturally, due to her abilities) assumes more and more of the responsibilities of campus.


  • Excellence in the a: vision for, b: creation of, c: running during, and d: breakdown after events at DCMC continued in 2017-18. As noted above, Alison’s ability to lead the staff during the planning, practice, and actual program was so remarkably confident and effective that administration was freed from the hands-on responsibilities of the past.

Heart of service, Teacher appreciation, & Teacher retention

  • Teacher appreciation: This year, Alison created a very special event wherein she provided teachers with coffee and “treats” - unannounced - randomly - throughout the year. Such a simple thing when you see it on paper… Such a PROFOUND thing when you experience it in real life. Teachers seeing someone stop their busy day and create a place just for them… Something more than just coffee and mugs and donuts… that’s the difference. Alison created an environment - a special place - just for them; with their favorite treats and time carved out to enjoy the experience and moments with each other (whoever might be in the space when they got there).

  • Alison understands it takes so little to show real affection and appreciation for our most precious and hard working people; and her true joy in filling the hearts, bellies and spirit of our teachers is one of those things I believe creates the sense of happiness that permeates the Milton campus and is seen - and remarked upon - by our students, families and guests.

Operations Manager

December 2013 - August 2016

Calvary Christian Academy

Dover, Delaware


  • Managed all school-wide events, which included development of event timelines, budget planning and resource management, and execution of post-event goal evaluation and improvement strategy implementation.

  • Developed and disseminated event marketing materials.

  • Functioned as the media spokesperson for the administrative Facebook account.

  • Created job descriptions and school-wide organizational chart following a yearlong assessment of procedural and operational processes. 

  • Determined hiring needs and candidate qualification requirements.

  • Recruited and interviewed potential employment candidates.

  • Provided an explanation of benefits, salary, and payroll options for all new employees.

  • Applied and explained policies set forth by the employee handbook and governmental regulations as related to school personnel.

  •  Supervised, evaluated, and scheduled all substitute staff members and volunteers.

  • Developed and implemented training materials for substitute staff members.

  • Annually presented updated procedures for all staff members.

  • Provided counsel and mediation for human resource issues.

Child Welfare Social Worker 

January 2006 – August 2008

Sutter County Department of Human Services

Yuba City, California 

  • Investigated cases of family violence, child abuse, and neglect.

  • Supervised the placement of children in protective care.

  • Interviewed clients to assess needs and eligibility for a variety of social services including anger management, substance abuse counseling, employment training services, and basic skill remediation.

  • Managed a caseload of families in voluntary and court-ordered family maintenance programs, family reunification programs, and permanent placement programs.

  • Developed case plans utilizing in-house resources, referrals, and contracted providers.

  • Maintained comprehensive case records, summaries, statistical and narrative reports for the purpose of official communication with the juvenile court.

  • Participatory member of the System Improvement Plan Committee for the Transitional Housing Program for Foster and Probation Youth.

  • Mentored emancipating foster youth as a part of the Independent Living Program.

  • Managed the School Readiness Program, a grant-funded program for children ages newborn to five years old.

  • Collaborated with State Adoptions to facilitate the adoption process and placement support.

Intake Representative

January 2005 - January 2006

HealthNet Federal Services

Rancho Cordova, California


  • Functioned as the Point of Contact for civilian providers within the National Capital Area, including Mary Washington Hospital, National Rehabilitation Hospital, Med-Star, and The Chesapeake Center.

  • Provided initial review and data entry for referral requests received from military treatment facilities and civilian providers.

  • Daily generation of the Production Report and 28-Day Access Standard / Urgent Call Report for the National Capital Area and Behavioral Health team members.